510 USB Passthrough

Who Should Opt Or 510 Usb Passthrough?

There is an accessory for e-cigs that is likely to come in handy for those people who are heavy smokers and tend to take their puff even while sitting on their computer. The name of such an accessory is the 510 USB passthrough. A lot of people have started buying 510 USB passthrough owing to its huge advantages. We shall here discuss the main aims, objectives and uses of 510 USB passthrough.



Joye 510 USB Passthrough

Joye 510 USB Passthrough

The Joye 510 USB passthrough is a battery housing that attaches directly to a USB port through a cable. Screw your atomizer to the passthrough and vape away. While it is attached to your PC or laptop, the passtrough is on continous charge so that your eCig is ready to use at all times. This means more freedom and flexibility with no need to drain your regular batteries while sitting near a computer. The passthrough can also be plugged into a USB wall charger or USB car charger for even more convenience. The passthrough comes with a powerful removeable 320 mAh battery that recharges when connected to a PC and can provide power for disconnected vaping if desired!




The main aim of this device is to allow easy charging of your e-cigarette while you are sitting on your computer or doing your work. A lot of different brands manufacture 510 USB passthrough and for you to grab the finest deal, you need to find the best brand which shall provide you with the best features at amazing prices.

All you need to do is attach your atomizer to the passthrough cable. Once you manage to do that the battery keeps on charging continuously and now you can take the puff without the problem of dead batteries.

 Thus, this is a perfect product for people who tend to smoke a lot and thus face the complication of dead batteries. Sometimes, when you have a lot of workload and you are unable to move away from your computer screen, using a 510 USB passthrough might come in handy.


If you are wondering as to why should you buy this product, the answer is for ease of use. A lot of people get frustrated while using electronic cigarettes owing to the problems of continuous charge. With this accessory, you can have the comfort of charging on the go. The people who benefit the most from this accessory include people with desk jobs. Those of you who need to work for long hours in front of computers, you can benefit a great deal from this accessory.

This device is extremely simple to use and you can operate it without any manual. It just requires plugging in the atomizer and the battery goes on charging continuously. So, make it a point to find the best brands that deal in such accessory and buy the one with the best review.

Also, there is no compromise in the vapor quality even after using this charger. Even though you need to plug in the atomizer, your e-cig would continue to give you great output and the intense vapors can be generated with ease and you are sure to enjoy your smoking experience like before. If you go through several different reviews which are available on different sites and forums, you are sure to see a lot of people praising this accessory.

Although, e-cigs is gaining a lot of popularity, the fact that you need to keep a charger for charging the batteries drives a lot of people crazy. The 510 USB passthrough comes in handy for such people. It can help you get rid of constant troubles of charging. Not only in computers, you can also plug it in your car as well. Most people who detest the trouble of charging batteries like to opt for such 510 USB passthrough for their computer and their cars. This gives them the privilege to charge their batteries on the go and enjoy uninterrupted pleasure of smoking.

So, if you want to bid goodbye to the trouble of dead batteries, it is time to place an order for such cables. There are lots of different companies which produce this accessory. What you need to do is find the one that is compatible with your brand of e-cigarettes. Not all cables are compatible with different e-cigarettes, so the onus should be on finding the perfect cable for your e-cig. If you can find one from the same manufacturer, things cannot get any better.  For instance, users of Joye Tech e-cigs can use Joye 510 manual USB passthrough as it is sure to be compatible with their e-cigs.

So, the right thing to do is run the compatibility check because the last thing you would want is to opt for a cable that is not compatible with your battery. Also, check the price factor as well as you need to opt for a product that gives you true return of your money.  So, be prepared to run an exhaustive search. Look for exciting offers and deals as well and then use the cable to keep your batteries charged all the time.

If you are a heavy smoker and you cannot resist taking a puff for long, this seems to be the right device for you. The benefits of this accessory have been discussed and now it is up to you to decide whether or not the product is worth spending your money. If you hate to charge your batteries every now and then, I would seriously recommend 510 USB passthrough for you!!

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